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Graphite Dot Drops by Fabrika Decoru - 30ml - Kat Scrappiness

Fabrika Decoru

Graphite Enamel Dot Drops by Fabrika Decoru - 30ml

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Fabrika Decoru Enamel Dot Drops are a water-based adhesive that is odorless and non-toxic.  They are used to create the effect of enamel drops on any surface (paper, cardboard, cloth, wood, ceramics, glass, plaster, candles).  Tips:

  • Do not allow this product to freeze (below 5C/41F) degrees) or they will lose all of their magical properties :)
  • Allow 8-10 hours (depending on environment/temperature) drying time.  
  • Do not use a heat tool or any type of dryer or fan to dry the dots/drops or they will lose their shape.

Fabrika Decoru's Enamel Dot Drops come in many different colors.  We also carry Fabrika Decoru's Glass & Glitter (Glass Drops). 

Important! This product can not be transported at temperatures below 0 ° C (32° F) - If the temperature where you live is below 0 ° C (32° F) , please do not order until the weather warms up. Kat Scrappiness is not responsible for these items if damaged due to weather.

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